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Long-term personal wealth management

About us

Linné Kapitalförvaltning was founded in 2011 and today we are ten employees, of which eight are wealth managers who have worked for an average of 20 years within the Swedish equity market. The company is owned by all employees as well as the board and external owners.

Our clients

We have received the trust of over 800 clients to invest and manage their wealth. Due to legislation, we can only accept new customers living in Sweden (folkbokförd) with a Swedish personal number (personnummer).

Our Service

We offer long-term discretionary wealth management with a focus on Swedish equities. Sweden has one the best performing stock markets since the 1970s and provides great exposure to a range of global leading companies within industrial, automotive, infrastructure, healthcare, fashion, technology and telecom. 

Every client is unique, as are the portfolios we build for them. At Linné every customer has direct regular contact with their manager, similar to a Private Banking service at a larger institution.

Our philosophy

Linnés investment philosophy is simple, long-term investments with a focus on Swedish equities, diversified across industry sectors as well as small, mid and large cap companies. Our aim is for our customers to understand their investments and feel secure with their portfolio. This even though there may be occasional turbulence in the financial markets.

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